Alberta Cross

5 Jan

What’s the story?:   A swede and an englishman formed this band in 2007. The first EP album is titled “The Thief and the Heartbreaker”, filled with semi-acoustic gems with a sound so familiar, its like its been with you your whole life. Absolute classic. The second album “Broken Side of Time” is electric and more of a Kings of Leon-lite affair.

Sounds Like:  Travis riding a Band of Horses back to the ’70s.

The gateway song:  “Hard Breaks”

Other songs:      Low Man

                                Lucy Rider


(Basically the whole first album. Just buy it!)

If you like this, check out these bands/songs:

Travis “The Man Who” album

Neil Young “Helpless” and the Harvest album

Special thanks to Dan Requa for opening my ears to this band!

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