The Sheepdogs

5 Jan

Band:  The Sheepdogs


What’s the story?:  Wanna be on the cover  of the Rolling Stone? The Sheepdogs do. They’re a finalist in the magazine’s contest, and for good reason. Home fried guitar finger lickin’ good 70’s rock hailing from  Saskatchewan that kicks the Nickleback out of the prairies.


Sounds Like:   The Allman Brothers ramblin’ back to Saskatoon!

The gateway song:  “How Late, How Long?” acoustic version,hjNzNsMjq5RMW-PpsKVQ6sLAiQEJF1HT


Other songs:     


“Learned My Lesson”

“I Don’t Get By”

“Southern Dreaming”

“Ohio” (acoustic  cover)

(all available for a listen @ ). Download their first two albums on their website, and buy the new one Itunes!

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