The Vaccines

5 Jan

The Band: The Vaccines

What’s the story?: A band preceded by its hype as the next big thing in the UK – destined to implode or make it onto your next mix tape (do people still make mix tapes or will the future have mix memory stix?)

Sounds Like: 40 years’ worth of indie bands signed at the right time – a sound so familiar you’ll be tempted to write it off as having been done before…but the tunes are just plain good, so don’t.

The gateway song: If you want punky-alternapop, choose “Norgaard”

If you want an anthem that is steeped in mortality, choose “Wetsuit”. 

Other songs:

“All In White”
“Blow It Up”
“If You Wanna”
“Somebody Else’s Child”

…I could go on!

If you like this, check out these bands/songs:

Buddy Holly “Peggy Sue”
The Strokes “Is This It” album
The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Roy Orbison “Crying”

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