Cold Specks

5 Jan

We interrupt your regularly scheduled monthly Unsung post to bring you word on a life changing new artist. Overstatement? You’ll see that it isn’t.

The Band:  Cold Specks

What’s the story?:   This past Saturday night, at the Festival Hall in Inglewood, 175 souls were treated to something so special that it is difficult to put into words. As the lights dimmed, a diminutive singer by the name of Al Spx stepped onto the makeshift stage and proceeded to start the evening just as she later ended it; her lone voice soaring through the Hall, unaccompanied by instrument or microphone, singing to an audience that was spellbound and silent. By the time the traditional “Old Stepstone”  resonated as the encore, we were left in awe of a voice that was an instrument all its own, and a talent that deserves to sung. If you ever get a chance to see Cold Specks, you have to go.

 Sounds Like:   Adele and Norah Jones’ adopted goth-child baptized in a Deep South chapel.

The gateway song:   So hard to choose, narrowed it down to 2…..“Winter Solstice” 

& ”Blank Maps” 

Other songs:   


“When the City Lights Dim”


Listen to whole debut album here –

If you like this, check out these bands/songs:

Alabama Shakes “I Found You”

Aretha Franklin “Natural Woman”

Morcheeba “Part of the Process”

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