May Days

10 Jan

Instead of an album or band, this month I’m sharing my current faves. Everyone does top 10s, so Unsung goes the extra mile with 11 and some background:

1.       Alejandro Escovedo – “Always a Friend”. This guy is a favorite & friend of Springsteen, the songwriter’s songwriter type. Hopefully he will become famous so his name can overwrite ‘Alejandro’ by Lady Gaga in my mind. Alee Alee Aleee andro! (May you have this song in your head all day now J )

2.       The Temptations – “Get Ready”. I was reminded about how uplifting this song is via Shaquille O’Neal on NBA TV. Thanks Shaq. Yes, all middling post players past their prime are on a first name basis.

3.       Samantha Savage Smith “The Score”. Inventive video. This Calgary charmer has some good buzz at the moment. Also check out “You Always Come To Mind”.

4.       Michael Kiwanuka- “I’m Getting Ready”. Soul soothing. ‘Nuff said.

5.       Television “Venus”. For all those Strokes fans out there, this is their obvious influence. An obscure but highly regarded 70s new wave punk  band from New York – they could be an Unsung all their own – check out their debut Marquee Moon.

6.       Alabama Shakes- “I Ain’t The Same”. Why haven’t you bought this album yet?????

7.       Beck – “I Only Have Eyes for You”. In the running for best cover of the year. Beck continues to carve out an impressive career. The shebop-shebop took me back to that Fugees sample from The Score which is also damn good….calling Lauryn Hill, where are you?

8.       GusGus “Within You”. Give this one a chance…it burrows into your heart and sounds like not much else. Love the symphonic kick in.

9.       Justin Townes Earle – “Harlem River Blues”. This guy had an electric performance on Letterman last month. With a namesake of Townes, he may be doomed to a life of unsung potential, but he’s cleaned up and making southern soul and rock that is the perfect blend of his father and Van Zandt.

10.   Charles Bradley “Stay Away”. James Brown’s angry uncle. Ragged, rough and in your face. Dig it. Also check out “The World Is Going Up In Flames”

11.    College “A Real Hero”.  This is from the movie Drive….which may have been overly simplistic but a stylistically perfect film, with a fitting ambient soundtrack. And, of course, Ryan Gosling, a real hero for kicking ass instead of whispering sweet nothings and taking his shirt off. Sorry girls. Did I ever tell you I was once likened to Notebook-Era Gosling? It’s true. Call me.

*ahem* Enjoy your MayDays!


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