Orange Juice

10 Jan

Band:  Orange Juice

What’s the story?:  Remember that song “Never Met a Girl Like You Before”?

15 years before, lead singer Edwyn Collins was in a Scottish anti-punk band writing funky afro-pop songs, influencing everyone from Blondie to The Smiths to Vampire Weekend. Orange Juice remain a cult classic that never made it big – but now new wave hipsters everywhere can rediscover their freshly squeezed 80’s awesomeness.

Sounds Like:   Stop the world and melt with David Bowie  – it’s the soundtrack to the Molly Ringwold &  John Cussack movie that never was.

The gateway song:  “Rip It Up” – for high quality audio: For wicked music video: 

Other songs:     


“Consolation Prize”

“A Sad Lament”

“What Presence?”


(all available for a listen @

If you like this, check out these bands/songs:

David Bowie “Golden Years” and “John, I’m Only Dancing”

Franz Ferdinand (self titled first album)

The Clash “Police and Thieves”

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