Paul Kelly

7 May

The (Man in the) Band:  Paul Kelly 

What’s the story? There are national treasures in every country, and poet laureates who capture character and culture like no one else can; those that are cherished by young and old alike. Here in Canada, we have Cohen, Lightfoot, and Downie – most other places don’t appreciate them like we do because our stories aren’t theirs; but in a way, that’s why we love them even more.  And our commonwealth cousins to the far southwest of Australia are no different, for they have Paul Kelly. He’s an effortless songwriter, crafting tunes and melodies that are personal, profound and sometimes political. Last Friday at the Palamino, amidst a slightly incredulous and jubilant crowd made up of mostly countrymen and fortunate Canadians, Kelly shone with his usual country folk charm. And as the night drew to a close, and we joined in to sing along with his special encore cover of “Four Strong Winds”, the story had come full circle; we had reveled in the traditions and songs of someone who was no longer a stranger, but our voice –  and the crowd, from all walks of life, descending from many corners of the globe, became united.

Sounds Like:  Dylan and Morrison troubadouring ‘cross the red earth Outback with nothing but harmonicas and guitars.

The gateway song:   “For the Ages”

Other songs:   

“Love Never Runs on Time”

“(The) Oldest Story in the Book”

“Before Too Long”

“Madeline’s Song”

Get the best versions of most of these on iTunes – Paul Kelly “The A to Z Recordings”

If You Like this, check out these bands/songs: 

Crowded House ‘Recurring Dream’ best of album (you need to own this album!)

Gordon Lightfoot “Canadian Railroad Trilogy”

John Prine “Souvenirs”

Ryan Adams “Tears of Gold” or anything off of the ‘Heartbreaker’ or ‘Gold’ albums

Stone Roses “10 Story Love Song”

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