Sticky Fingers

24 May

The Band:  Sticky Fingers 

What’s the story? I don’t really know anything about this band, other than they are from Australia and they seem like a lot of fun. And that they should be a lot bigger than they are. And that your summer just found its soundtrack.

Sounds Like:  A low-fi Maroon 5 singing sweet reggae redemption songs to apologize for giving the world Moves Like Jagger.

The gateway song: 

For acoustic ocean sunrise beauty, try “Eddy’s Song”

For perfect polished pop funk, try “Caress Your Soul”

Other songs:   

“Juicy Ones”


“Happy Endings”

“Hell and Back”

 “These Girls”


If you liked this band, check out these bands/songs:


Bombay Bicycle Club “Ghost”

311 “Amber”

Sublime self titled album

Incubus “Wish You Were Here”

Jamiroquai ‘Travelling Without Moving’ Album

Thanks to Scott Jeffers for turning me onto this band.

One Response to “Sticky Fingers”

  1. Brandon Potter (@BrandonYYC) May 24, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

    Thanks for the heads up on some great bands PV. Great site!

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