Laura Marling

3 Jun


The (Lady in the) Band:  Laura Marling

What’s the story? At the ripe old age of 23, the old soul that is Laura Marling has the grace of a medieval Eowyn warrior princess, channelling the spirits and sounds of centuries of heartbreak. The already prolific  singer-songwriter has released 4 albums, and is heralded as the English Rose of UK folk.

Sounds Like:  Joni Mitchell singing along to Led Zeppelin III while making rainy day tea

The gateway song: There are two sides to Miss Marling. The pensive wounded robin:

“Blues Run The Game”

And the increasingly prevalent predatory bird of prey:

“Master Hunter”

Other songs:   

“Rambling Man”

 “Devil’s Spoke”

“Where Can I Go?”

Listen to her new album ‘Once I Was An Eagle’ for a limited time here! Especially the suite of the first 5 songs. Special.

 If you liked this band, check out these bands/songs:

Sandy Denny “Who Knows Where The Time Goes”

Sheryl Crow “It Don’t Hurt” (a real hidden gem if you’ve never heard it)

Ryan Adams “Ashes and Fire” album

Joni Mitchell “I Could Drink A Case of You”

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