Rainy Day Monday

3 Jun

There are those times when fortunes and weather patterns collide to give you a rainy Monday, literally and figuratively. And that day is today. So here are some of my favorite rainy day songs that are admittedly mellow, and probably borderline sad. Are there shameless mentions of rain in the titles, and do tears feature prominently in the lyrics? You bet. Will you probably feel like curling up on the couch with a herbal tea? Most likely. Enjoy.

  1. Beth Orton “Couldn’t Cause Me No Harm”: an old 90’s gem that sets the stage for us nicely. Always reminds me of how Beth Orton dated Ryan Adams, dumped him, and inspired his fantastically underrated ‘Love is Hell’ album, my favorite depressing album of all time. You go, Beth, you heartbreaker you.
  2. Cat Power “Lived in Bars”: Cat Power has a reputation of being an uneven performer (see: Sled Island, 2007), but this smoky classic is reason enough to believe that some singers are best in the studio.
  3. Gordon Lightfoot “Early Morning Rain”: one of my all-time favorite songs, period. It will always remind me of listening to it while hiking the highlands on the Isle of Skye before heading to the Talisker distillery for a wee bit of scotch. God, I sound like Peterman.
  4. Bob Dylan “Shelter From The Storm”: another classic from Mr. Zimmerman from the essential Blood on the Tracks, a perfect mixture of metaphor and mercy.
  5. The Beatles “Misery”: The original Fab Four can’t help but be upbeat, even when misery is the topic of the tune.  Must be all that rain in Liverpool.
  6. Bruce Springsteen “Downbound Train”: the Beatles rock us nicely into a deep track from the immortal Born in the USA. It includes my favorite Boss lyric of all time: “I work down at the carwash, where all it ever does is rain”. Tragically comic.
  7. Coldplay “Postcards from Far Away”: there is probably a whole album of worthy Coldplay rainy day songs, but I chose a little known piano medley from the Prospekt’s March EP. A lovely little piece of music; you can practically hear the rain hitting the eaves trough.
  8. Frightened Rabbit “Good Arms vs. Bad Arms”: a sad little ditty that builds to a rousing clatter. The rabbit isn’t frightened anymore.
  9. Eddie Vedder “Without You”: is there anything better than Eddie Vedder live? I can’t think of many things. From the absolutely brilliant Ukulele Songs album, something so pure in devotion, love, and sadness that I still can’t bring myself to listen to it in its entirety years after a bad breakup.
  10. Crowded House “World Where You Live”: I’m beginning to realize that this playlist is getting depressing. What comes first, the rain, or the tears? No matter, the troubadours from Down Under are masters at intertwining melancholy with anthemic choruses, leaving you somehow soothed.
  11. Sarah Harmer “Uniform Grey”: one of Canada’s cherished darlings. Don’t know if the flute in this live version helps or hinders the cause.
  12. Travis “Driftwood”: The Man Who is one of the all-time great rainy day albums. Betcha you’re surprised I didn’t pick ‘Why Does It Always Rain on Me?’ C’mon, give me some credit.
  13. Blue Rodeo “Rain Down on Me”: …erm, okay, you got me.
  14. Doves “Cedar Room”: the blindingly epic finish to our Rainy Day Monday. The Doves are an absolutely killer band; if you like what you hear, there is so much more on the horizon. May tomorrow bring sunshine!

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