Coffee Cup Reading – TT’s Top Ten of Twenty Thirteen

5 Mar

A good friend of mine belongs to the unapologetic group of music die-hards we all love and know. We’ve been trading mix-tapes and having music arguments since high school. What sort of die-hard do you ask? The type of die-hard that will air guitar GnR on your kitchen floor, that will go see a show anywhere in North America, that will drive 6 hours to deliver custom made U2 b-side box sets to his friends on a Tuesday night after work, just because that’s the day that new music is released. Now that is commitment. We don’t always see eye to eye on musical choices, but there is always room for healthy debate, and usually one of us comes around on whatever band or song is in dispute. (Even if it takes a couple of years and a drunken confession over pints). One thing I always look forward to is his Top Ten list, which always manages to spark some fires and introduce some new sounds to your life. For the first time ever (and certainly not the last), a guest columnist on Unsung Presents – Mr. Timmy T. 

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull

  • Best song: “Beautiful War”
  • Album summary: Hello, best album by anyone ever, ever. Ever. Seriously though . . . e-v-e-r!
 Arcade Fire – Reflektor
  • Best song: “Here Comes the Night Time”
  • Album summary: 2013’s slowest burner.
 MS MR – Secondhand Rapture
  • Best song: “Hurricane”
  • Album summary:  Like a gooseberry with honey drizzled over top, but for your ears!
Arctic Monkeys – AM
  • Best song: “Do I Wanna Know?”
  • Album summary:  I think Unsung recommended listening to these guys, you know, before they were good. 😉 Well, they might be good now, because this album is.
Jack Johnson – From Here to Now to You
  • Best song: “Shot Reverse Shot”
  • Album summary:  The guy just truly never ever does a bad album.
Lorde – Pure Heroine
  • Best song: “Team”
  • Album summary:  See album title.
Soundtrack – Inside Llewyn Davis
    • Best song: “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)” – performed by Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford
  • Album summary:  Pair with an Innis & Gunn and a cigar!
Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City
  • Best song: “Diane Young”
  • Album summary: New Age Paul Simone with a passive aggressive bite. 
Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite – Get Up!     *
  • Best song: “I Ride at Dawn”
  • Album summary:  Whenever you become concerned that music nowadays is all overproduced, this is your 2013 meat & potato blues rock reminder that it isn’t always; there’s still some purity out there!

* Elena (editor’s note: Timmy T’s wife) pointed me in the direction of this album in 2013, and I therefore need to apply credit where credit is due.

Daft Punk – Random Access Memories
  • Best song: “Instant Crush” – featuring Julian Casablancas
  • Album summary:  Soulfully funky easy listening; strange that electronic beats like these could coax me into a rocking chair with a cup ‘o joe and a pipe!
Honourable mentions!


  • I really wanted John Newman’s Tribute album on the main list; it’s fantastic! But, it’s at number 11, unfortunately. Sorry, Newman. Hopefully on your sophomore outing. Really fantastic album though!
  • Oh no they didn’t!! Did Pearl Jam cover Eddie Vedder!? Did I just blow your mind!!? Yep. Sure did!
  • Jake Bugg for his album redux; maybe he’s a Sam Roberts fan (speaking of whom – guess who might make the 2014 list? Wha!? Teaser!)
  • Pharrell Williams for involvement with two of the biggest catchiest songs; the feature on one & the leader on another
  • The National for becoming closer to big
  • The Killers for their live performances & commitment to Christmas
  • The Neighbourhood for getting my attention (but not holding it quite enough just yet)
  • The Walking Dead for introducing the music of Jamie Commons

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