Jordie Lane

10 Mar


The (Man) in the Band:  Jordie Lane

What’s the story? On Saturday night, I convinced some of my best friends to travel 300 km, and along with my girl and my family, to take a leap of faith and come join me at Festival Hall to see someone i had barely heard and someone we had never seen. I can’t explain what compelled me to do so, other than some strange intuition and a certain desire: every once in while, fleetingly so, live music does form a union, where something is so brilliant in its beauty, its craft, its tenderness, or its energy that you look at the person you are with and just have that incredulous/happy ‘i can’t believe we are witnessing this’ moment.  That’s all you can hope for from a live show – sometimes those moments flicker and sometimes they don’t appear, and the thrill can be hard to replicate. Any prior doubts or uncertainties i had on Saturday were quickly put to rest in about half of one of Jordie Lane’s songs; we became mesmerized by his voice, his charm, and his songwriting ability. Another Aussie gem largely unheralded in our vast continent.

Sounds Like: Ryan Adams’ Aussie storytellin’ cousin

The gateway song: “Lost in You”

….and you might not hear a better story song this year than “Black Diamond”

Other songs:   

“Feet Fall”

“Die Looking at You”

 If you liked this, check out these bands/songs:

Townes Van Zandt “Waiting Around to Die”

Ryan Adams “Love is Hell” Albums (Part 1 and 2)

Paul Kelly

Mary Gauthier “Last of the Hobo Kings”

Badly Drawn Boy “A Minor Incident”


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