Coffee Cup Reading: Running stream of consciousness thoughts from a 34 year old super fan sitting in a luxury box watching Kings of Leon

2 Apr


*can it really be 11 years since I first saw these guys?* no more long hair and moustaches, we’ve all grown up* they’ve graduated from the u2 school of professional rock bands *hope Caleb isn’t too drunk to play but drunk enough to entertain*hmm they aren’t ah-talking to the crowd much, just ah-rocking *crowd isn’t really into it yet*is rock dying, or just muted?* where have all the rock stars gone?* if they had come around in 1969, where would they stand? * living the high life with the corporate types above the throng*what do they think when they look up here?* yes I’ll have that skewered shrimp and a whisky *who’s kidding who, I’m a corporate type* why am i the only one cheering in this box, what do these corporate bastards do for their souls?* miss being crammed hot sweaty push pulled in front of the stage* want to be closer * too old for that? *how will I enjoy shows when i’m 45 years old?*4 kicks who’s struttin’ now!* damn I want to mosh* look at those stars blazing, more cell phones than lighters these days* twinkle sky of thousands* better make sure I have time to buy a t-shirt at the end of the show*still time for another rye and ginger, yes please* thank you for spending your hard earn dough on the show says Caleb* better wash that shameful feeling down with more whisky *sometimes all you need is a guitar and some brothers and all is right with the world * don’t text or video just watch*  have a moment, they still happen, yes they do* miss my mates* I hope she is enjoying this *why haven’t they played Beautiful War? *Notion is my jam, and this is still my band *still my band *hope the t-shirts are good*

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