Future Islands

3 Apr

The Band:  Future Islands

What’s the story? The following video is mortifying/hilarious/cringe worthy/electrifying, depending on your mood and sympathies for mankind’s stranger creatures. What is certain is that it is entirely mesmerizing. I dare you to look away:


It’s not often we are confronted with a unique frontman who channels Jack Black and Marlon Brando while wearing simple black pants. He  (Samuel Herring) inspires equal parts derision and devotion. Such singers are few and far between in our convoluted and super saturated world. And I still don’t know if this will be a flash in the pan or the beginning of something special, but i just had to share it with you. And no matter how you feel about the visual aspects of this Baltimore 4 piece, the music is a finely crafted, divine blend of uplifting dance beats and melancholic soul. New album ‘Singles’ is out now.

Sounds Like: Morrissey simultaneously discovering synthesizers, premature balding, Shakespearian soliloquies, and Joy Division.

The gateway song: 

Seasons (here is the official, slightly less amusing video)

Other songs:   

“A Dream of You and Me”


 If you liked this, check out these bands/songs:

Go West “King of Wishful Thinking” (wow were the early 90s something else, weren’t they?)

Strokes “Chances”

Orange Juice

Morrissey ‘Viva Hate’ album


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