21 Nov

The Band:  Houndmouth

What’s the story? There’s a nice little sub-movement happening in rock and roll right now – mining the rich folk and roots sound of the late 60’s. Breakout stars like the Lumineers, Alabama Shakes and the inescapable Mumford and Sons have already captured hearts and minds – and now comes this foursome from the Mighty Midwest with punchy guitar licks, pulsing organs, a rolllicking backbeat and lyrics that would make ol’ Bob smile. Debut ‘From The Hills Below The City’ is  a cracker and upcoming new album is expected to make the retreaded rock n’folk road worth travelling down again. 

Sounds Like:  A Last Waltz with your favorite old pair of boots and the girl you just can’t keep

The gateway songs: 


“On The Road”

“For No One”

Other songs:   

“Comin Around Again”


“Come On Illinois”



 If you liked this, check out these bands/songs:

Deep Dark Woods “Charlie’s Coming Down”

Justin Townes Earle “Harlem River Blues”

Alabama Shakes ‘Girls and Boys’ album

The New Basement Tapes “Down on the Bottom”

The Band “The Weight” (but you knew that already didn’t ya?)

Alberta Cross ‘The Thief and the Heartbreaker’ EP

Bob Dylan “Only A Hobo”


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