Cover Song of the Day

30 Jun

Father John Misty + Arcade Fire 

“I really love Win Butler’s songwriting. I feel like he is articulating this very specific thing for a very specific form of anxiety that adults like us are experiencing. The way he communicates how things are changing in adults’ lives, and the ‘loss of innocence’ is something very important, and a lot of other songwriters opt to be cynical about those themes, for fear of being genuine, but Win is walking an interesting tightrope between things that are very singular and personal, and then also framing it in this crazy kind of macro-epic that scratches some itch I have.

“A couple of years ago, I went back to my neighbourhood that I grew up in, and was just walking around at two in the morning and was really struck by how inappropriate it feels to be walking around a quiet neighbourhood street at that time. I always felt that these suburban neighbourhoods had some strange malignant undercurrent, and I like the way that in Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’ it feels like this loss of innocence feeling makes me feel that I could go back to this idea of the suburbs, and regain that innocence that we feel that we’ve lost.” Father John Misty


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