3 Oct

(A few words from Unsung Guest Writer Timmy T. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But I will add that our favorite Unsung Petty songs can be found at the bottom of this post. “You belong among the wildflowers…someplace you feel free” – Ed)

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You may all be aware of the recent passing of a rock legend. Mr. Tom Petty. After offering a moment of silence whilst downing a gloriously refreshing IPA from a Victoria brewery, I found myself reflecting upon what Tom Petty had meant to us all.

It’s often the smallest things you don’t realize. Tom’s music wasn’t just there. It was often there when we needed it most. That’s why he matters.

Some might say it wasn’t always groundbreaking. But, from using his music in a pivotal scene in Jerry Maguire that many would say pulled the now-classic movie forward at a critical moment (and juxtaposed his music to the Rolling Stones), to doing the whole soundtrack for She’s The One, Mr. Petty was more cinematic than we know. The Lumineers, our most recent torchbearer of folk-rock even pays tribute to the latter soundtrack by offering up their own cover of “Walls” during their last tour. I saw it. And, I went nuts. Because I knew that they knew that I knew. You know!? And, it was safe to say not everyone else did. Only those influenced by Petty and who were paying attention would know.

It may be an overused term, one even popularized by an actual band, but he was a soundtrack to our lives in ways we probably don’t even fully comprehend. An influence of catchy yet offbeat rhythms and lyrics that few can appreciate when failing to listen intentionally. Tom Petty captured hearts and minds and wasn’t afraid to push the envelope as most geniuses aren’t.

His contributions to rock n’ roll were infinite from the Travelling Wilburys to the profound lyrics of “The Last DJ” to the seven-plus minutes of one of the best live versions of any song anywhere any time, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. A true and uncompromised artist  whose presence and musical gifts have fallen nothing short of free.

I am forever learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings. It’s time to move on, however. Time to get goin’. Underneath my feet, the grass is growin’.

Thank you, Tom. From the bottom of our hearts, souls and minds – thank you for everything, forever.

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