Sounds Like…

…Shaft got his heart broken by Society and its Girl. Check Band out

A death cab for Aussies. Whatever that means. Check band out

….Sipping a warm cup of Earl Grey while looking through the window at the rain hitting the water. Check band out

…a Last Waltz with your favorite old pair of boots and the girl you just can’t keep Check band out

Waylon’s bastard son makin’ you wish Shooter woulda’ done it this way Check band out

…Morrissey simultaneously discovering synthesizers, premature balding, Shakespearian soliloquies, and Joy Division Check band out

…Ryan Adams’ Ozzie storytellin’ cousin Check band out

…Bill Withers wearing a blaxploitation film fur coat Check band out

…Forest elves warbling in Loretta Lynn’s Nashville compound Check band out

…Sheryl Crow jamming with the Dixie Chicks in a southern gospel church Check song out

…Joni Mitchell singing along to Led Zeppelin III while making rainy day tea Check band out

…A low-fi Maroon 5 singing sweet reggae redemption songs to apologize for giving the world Moves Like Jagger Check band out

…Dylan and Morrison troubadouring ‘cross the red earth Outback with nothing but harmonicas and guitars Check band out

… John Lennon silver surfing his way to an electric kalediscope party in the sky. KooKoo Katch ooo! Check band out

…Adele and Norah Jones’ adopted goth-child baptized in a Deep South chapel Check band out

…if the defunct C&C Music Factory was re-opened and run by a trade union of the Village People, Ricky Gervais dance moves and Fatboy Slim Check band out

…the lovechild of Al Green and Janis Joplin conceived after a night of just enough Jack Daniels Check band out

…an original hipster be-bopping back to the future in a sweaty dancehall get-down.Check band out

…40 years’ worth of indie bands signed at the right time Check band out

…The Allman Brothers ramblin’ back to Saskatoon! Check band out

…If Weezer met the Shins in an alley, beat them up, and stole their Sunday morning songs. Check band out

…James mixed with Peter Paul & Mary drunk on Pims gin in the sun Check band out

…Travis riding a Band of Horses back to the ’70s Check band out

… the soundtrack to the Molly Ringwold &  John Cussack movie that never was Check band out

…Liam Gallagher cry cry crying early Johnny Cash in the Cavern Check band out

…Cat Steven’s moody son raised on 90’s alternative and the darkness on the edge of town. Check band out

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