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Title: A busy day in the Videosphere, or The Right and Wrong Way to use guitars.

22 Sep

It’s one of those days where i discover a few new songs., which is sadly an occurrence that doesn’t happen often enough these days. I’m trying to come to terms with the new Kings of Leon single “Walls” and whatever the hell soft-rock middle-aged receding hairline one chord homeless man’s Beautiful War falling asleep waiting for something to happen that never does they are trying  to pull, and balancing that against the sheer clarity and honesty of Jack White’s emotional performance on Fallon last night:


And if that ain’t enough, Dawes is getting funky wit it (jury still out on whether they can survive in this newfound realm) :


And a friend just put the name of a band to a song that’s been prowling around my brain like a caged tiger on coca cola for weeks. Don’t you love when that happens? Gawd i miss guitars. Holy F has this got teenage urgency!


The Fall Into Winter

5 Jan

It’s been a while…summer is gone and I hope you got sun &  surf – I’m California dreaming on such a winter’s day. Close the windows and light the fires…its time for an eclectic bunch of tunes that will keep things burning– this month the theme is redemption and troubled love (aren’t they always?)

  1. Kishi Bashi – “Bright Whites”. This is the kind of song that every car/phone/soda company yearns to exploit to appear hip and Generation Y-ish; you can almost see the young hipsters prancing carefree through a grassy field as the sun shines and first love is found via said car/phone/soda. Good thing I stole it first so you can just enjoy its perfect poppy clatter free of any commercialism.
  2. Stereophonics – “She’s Alright”. Remember these guys? I lost track of them after their early 2000s heyday….some lineup changes but what remains is Kelly Jones and the best voice in rock and roll, devil tinged, whiskey soaked and recklessly propulsive. Their 2009 album ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ is worth adding to your playlist –  vintage Stereophonics rock updated for the Muse inspired sound of modern day.
  3. Rolling Stones – “Little T & A”.  As the Ancient Ones prepare for yet another tour and greatest hits collection, I much prefer a forgotten Stones gem from Tatoo You….Keef at his grimiest. Read his “Life” for a rollicking and unapologetic account.
  4. Cody Chesnutt – “Til I Met Thee”. If you’ve never heard The Roots sing The Seed 2.0, go listen immediately. The lead singer on that track, Cody Chesnett, disappeared for years but has now resurfaced to drop some new perfect soul by way of Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield. MercyMe.
  5. Shad – “Rose Garden”. My favorite kind of hip hop, an old soul sample over some fresh new rhymes. And Canadian to boot. Wash your face in this sink!
  6. Joel Plaskett Emergency  – “Fashionable People”. Many of you are already disciples of this east coast troubadour, but I’m relatively new to his diverse sound that ranges from folk to rock to whatever this funky sh*t is.
  7. Sam Roberts  -“Let It In”. A nice flow from JPE to another Canadian, forgotten by time and modern pop radio. I hate living in a world where Maroon 5 is wealthier than Sam Roberts. But maybe it’s better that he is our own national treasure. Please buy on Itunes!
  8. Johnny Burnette – “Lonesome Train”. Sometimes I think rock has never been better than it was in 1956, when it was raw and pure and pushing all boundaries. Can’t you just hear that shocking rockabilly howl at 0:50 echoing through your pappy’s radio? Watch out for those teeny-boppers with their guitars, they’re going to be trouble!
  9. Jack White  – “Love Is Blindness”. Last Unsung, I talked about Beck’s cover of Only Have Eyes for You being the best of the year. This just might just take the crown, scrapping Bono’s aching croon and stripping it to a barren electric scream that commands your achtung baby.
  10. Bahamas  – “Lost in the Light”. Another fine Canadian talent set to emerge as a major force. This is beautiful songwriting….
  11. John Mayer  – “Queen of California”. I know, I know. He’s slept with half of Hollywood and now he’s ‘found himself’ by moving to Montana and wearing a hat. But his new album is a homage to 70’s soCal where Joni, Neil and Eric used to write soft acoustic rambles perfect for tequila sunrises…it’s a treat and a testament to his musical skill. Let’s not forget why all the women fell for him in the first place….the best thing for John Mayer is to find a nice mountain girl and settle down so he can do more of this.
  12.  Band of Horses – “Slow Cruel Hands of Time”.  Another acoustic beauty from Band of Horses’ new album, produced by Glynn Johns, the sound engineer behind everyone from the Beatles to the Eagles. His influence is evident here, and a welcome focus for a band always trying to get into the mainstream corral.