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15 Jun

Say what you will about Liam vs. Noel, twitter battles, old farts making music, lad rock, past glories, past primes, leather jackets on 51 year olds, a woman playing scissors in a band, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Say what you will. I don’t care.

Because sometimes a good song is just a good song. And sometimes the blues means more than life and it breaks your heart. And sometimes, nearly every time, Noel Gallagher writes amazing b-sides. And sometimes amazing fans of music whose first language is Spanish memorize a random brand new song in English and sing it back to the Chief, and goosebumps ensue, because the world is awesome and the power of music is awesome.


Jake Bugg

16 Jan

The (Boy in the) Band:  Jake Bugg


What’s the story?:   When a skinny 19 year old mopped top kid from Nottingham stepped up to the mike on the recent Noel Gallagher & Snow Patrol tour, no one expected much.  But with each passing song on his lone acoustic guitar, the boy known as Bugg carried the crowd through an eclectic songscape of early folk-pop, skiffle, and shoegazing Britpop, sounding like a disciple of the great British songwriters before him. His self-titled debut album is sure to ignite, and a bright future awaits.    


Sounds Like:  Liam Gallagher cry cry crying early Johnny Cash in the Cavern

The gateway song:    “Lightning Bolt”

Other songs:   

“Country Song”


“Two Fingers”

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