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15 Jun

Say what you will about Liam vs. Noel, twitter battles, old farts making music, lad rock, past glories, past primes, leather jackets on 51 year olds, a woman playing scissors in a band, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Say what you will. I don’t care.

Because sometimes a good song is just a good song. And sometimes the blues means more than life and it breaks your heart. And sometimes, nearly every time, Noel Gallagher writes amazing b-sides. And sometimes amazing fans of music whose first language is Spanish memorize a random brand new song in English and sing it back to the Chief, and goosebumps ensue, because the world is awesome and the power of music is awesome.


They still make music videos?

26 Jul

They sure do. But who watches them anymore? I used to sit and devour the video countdown show in the late 90s every week. It was a great time for the music video – millions of dollars of one-up-manship,  battles with armadas of flying helicoptersfireworks and sabotage.  They sure don’t make it like that anymore, but I enjoyed this considerably understated return to form by the latest greatest British rock band hope, Catfish and the Bottlemen (seriously fellas, can you conquer the world with a name like that?). Anytime you can have Ewan McGregor aka Obi Wan aka The Trainspotter along for the ride, bottoms up! Enjoy.