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Chris Stapleton: The Duets

29 Jan

Here at the Unsung, we’ve always had a soft spot for outlaw country. If Johnny, Waylon and Willie are patron saints, then Sturgill and Stapleton must be the new prophets. This blistering rendition of ‘Midnight Train to Memphis’ from this SNL this past Saturday just scorches.

And maybe the only thing better than that double team of southern whoop-ass is Stapleton’s burgeoning bromance with popgod Justin Timberlake. This goes back awhile, to their now absolute classic live collaboration ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ back in 2015:

By Justin’s own admission, he has a soft spot for the Stapletons (and who can blame him, everything Chris touches turns to country gold) and now that JT has decided to embrace  his own Nashville by way of Montana rustic roots *ahem* on new album Man of the Woods, we can enjoy this spine tingler:

Sounds like we have 3 new Highwaymen ready to form a new posse….

Sturgill Simpson

7 May

The (Man in the) Band:  Sturgill Simpson

What’s the story? It’s simple, or it at least it should be. A guitar that is good for pickin’, steel or string. A voice that sounds like it has lived some life –  some whisky, some road, some love, some hangovers. A sound that’s good for foot stompin’ or some whisky drinkin’ of your own. And lyrics that goddammit mean SOMETHING, other than thinking your tractor is sexy or wondering whether your chicken is fried. Country music once had an element of earnest, and Sturgill Simpson seems to have travelled through time to remind us of that fact. You wish he was the face of country music. Here’s hopin’ it won’t take a couple more years before he becomes an overnight success. 

Sounds Like: Waylon’s bastard son makin’ you wish Shooter woulda’ done it this way

The gateway song: 

“Life of Sin”

(listen to whole new album ‘Meta-Modern Sounds in Country Music’ for a limited time here!

“Medicine Springs”

Other songs:   

“Turtles All the Way Down”


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